Friday, December 4, 2015

Pixie's Place Movie Art Auction Fundraiser!

 We will be auctioning off, the Denise Monaghan original painting, created for our experimental film project: "This is not dying", to cover winter food costs for "Pixie's Place" non-profit Animal Sanctuary. 3 of our animal actors, are Pixie's Place rescues!
The painting is 30 x 50; on reclaimed wood and features a dark forest; 3 shaman around the fire; a black snake, magic mushrooms and the observer!
Denise is still working on the painting, right up to our 1st production day. We will be posting photo updates until our 12/12@12 Auction Day. 

                                A great holiday gift for a great cause, by a GREAT Artist!

Denise is an amazing Earth shaman 
who uses her empathetic connection to Mother Earth and her animals, 
to create a telepathic voice for her subjects.
She is highly gifted and an incredible human!


                                                    "Shamanic Rising: Death of Ego"
                         Denise will update us over the next week as she completes the painting!


                                Join the Facebook Event page where the auction will take place!

                                  "Shamanic Rising": Movie Art Auction to benefit Pixie's Place!

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