Saturday, September 7, 2019

Kali Talk

            Pixie's Place at OrangeRay Animal Sanctuary Summer 2019

Monday, November 19, 2018

2017-18 in a Rear View Mirror...

This is Pixie Emelia Aurora Ray,
she believes she can control reality!
Pixie thinks she owns the world!
He's a glimpse...


We rescued little Kali Gala Ray...
...only to say good-bye to our beloved "Manny" Billie :(

We said good-bye to our precious John Lennon; his chronic bacteria infection finally took over :(
When we received John in 2013, his prognosis required his back feet to be amputated.
However, daily care, and treatment with a combo of antibiotics, probiotic, colloidal silver, and many other homeopathics, enabled him to keep his feet and live comfortably with his kitties, 
for an additional 5 years!
We miss you John! xo

Then these kiddos came along...
Veltropa Luna Nashira & Almalthea Bonita Ray...(named by one of our Hipcampers)!
A by product of the 4H program, these sisters found us when their human family split up.

Since they had little human contact, it took time to gain their trust.

This is Vela...she is very bossy for a tiny creature!
She is always in my face for kisses or telling me how to do things...
she is extremely vocal, and fearless!

Sister Thea is a bit shy, she stays with Pixie more.
Pixie hates the babies cuz they're cuter than her...

Both little does, like to eat treats out of my mouth; they like to be held; and Vela loves to be petted xo

Meanwhile, over at the barn...

Hermes got a new friend...

This is a feral barn cat whom one of our campers named Reese, and he likes that name just fine!
Reese waits for me each feeding, for love and companionship. He won't eat his food until I sit down with him to pet him, which he loves!
He understands that he is a part of it all and he is happy to have a place to be loved and cared for xo

Then THIS happened...

In June, 5 renegade roosters flew the coop across the river and took over our neighborhood!
These two were the only to survive the wild, but they were definitely determined to not only survive, but to just assimilate into the sanctuary...unfortunately, cranky, mean neighbors called the County and they were removed from the neighborhood.
We miss them; we did not bring them here, nor did we bother them; all the cats, and goats accepted them; I did not care if they made their morning calls;
this is nature and it's silly to try to control it however others saw it different, and I cannot control cracky people!
They made it until November and were taken to a proper home by the County.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

We are Grateful!

Meet our new rescue: Kali Gala

~"Manny" Bill, taking care of the baby~

...and THIS....

Our movie was shown in London!
All our animals at Pixie's Place participated in this project!
Semi Finalist @ Cinema London

While the last 2 years have been challenging, we are grateful for the support from all our friends and animal families who have supported Pixie's Place; enabling us to continue our good work! 
Thank You to All who make this possible!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Independence Day 2017!

Greetings Friends of Pixie's Place!

This last year was challenging; while the 501.c3 status was achieved, we also suffered some heart aches here at Pixie's Place. We lost Jackson to a black widow bite; Lucky to a long life lived; mama goat Bowie, and Maple.
Focused on keeping weight on Hermes. He's high strung and burns calories.

We Thank All our Friends and Family who help support the kiddos here! Love You!!

Hermes Inyo Ray!
Mustang Punk Rocker!

Our "first born" from Bowie and Darth.
Sage lost his mother earlier this year when Bowie's Bacteria infection was no longer manageable.
He misses his mom :(

PTSD victim "Maple" crossed over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year xo
She was a loving girl, who had a home!
She was loved xoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Pixie Emilia Aurora Ray!!!

Pixie's Favorite band: The Pixies....

                                                               ~Diva Divine~

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Residents of Pixie's Place

Jackson, who has some mental deficits that single him out for bullying; requires special care for his special needs and we are happy to provide! 

Rescue Maple, suffers from PTSD along with abandonment issues.
The stress to her nervous system has brought on a form of early Alzheimer's so we just work to make her feel safe and comfortable.