Friday, October 26, 2012

The Kidds are Alright!

Unexpected, Huge & Backwards:
Orion Austin Ray!
Ta da...Lucky 3!
Mama Bowie & kidds are Alright!
It was a long night, but Team Goat did it again!

It's Happening! 10-15-12

First Born: Felix Arcturus Ray

Tiny Cassiopea Pearl Ray

Can You Believe This! More kidds to share my hay with!
Bowie, you stop that!
But wait...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kidd Watch!

Everyone is waiting...

Goat Daddy Darth is pacing...

...for Mama Bowie to give birth to the new kidds in the barn at Pixie's Place!

Play Time

See, Eye told U Gaia is...


I'm just a girl; little ole me

The Playhouse is ready!

Me & Mom are hanging out at the new playhouse!
Our Granpa John Bartolotto sponsered our new play area...

Thank You Papa John! xoxo