Monday, May 21, 2012

Boys Stink!

                                            Darth is a buck and he smells like a boy!

                                        He is my boyfriend NOT Bowie's!
                                                      I love him more xo

                                                ...but he is looking for Bowie....

                                          Look out Bowie, you know what that means???

Darth Cloudwalker~Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buck for Sire Hire!


                                              I'm Six Shooters Darth; I'm a Buck!
                                   Originally from Briar Hill and then God's Grace Ranch;
                                    My momma/dam is Steele Ballew Crystal Cowgirl;
                                       My dad/sire is Shooting Star Dom Perignon
                                        ...but now I'm called ~Darth Cloudwalker~
                                                  Buck Stud at your service!

I'm an unregistered Nigerian Dwarf of pedigree lines but will date any breed:)
                          You can check out my kidds Gaia & Sage on the blog.
      Their mom Bowie will be kidding in early Oct. 2012 and her kidds will be available:
              late Nov. 2012; Deposits are being taken for them now.
                     Contact: for more info & breeding fees

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Room for one more?

                               Whaaaaat did you say???
                                      Bowie's Boyfriend is coming to live with us????

                        You mean there's going to be a BOY/BUCK here?

                                      Look, there he is now....

We are Family

                                        Even if you have to share your bed...

                                           ...or have to squeeze together to watch a movie,

                                        Our blended family is as colorful...

                     it is a safe place for a creature
                                                               to find the comforts of home!

The Importance of Birds!

                                                 Blue Jay is Billie's best friend.
                                           (He also lets mom know when me & Bowie
                                                             escape our pen.)

                                                They like to hang out together:)

                                                Jack is an avid birdwatcher...
                                                and lizard watcher; and mouse watcher;
                                                and fly watcher, bug watcher, cat watcher...

Billie is not a goat~

                                                       Billie has a heart of gold....

                                                        ...but he likes to get into trouble!


Naps Rule!!!

                                           Jackie Chan enjoys a little catnip with his nap:)

                                              Sometimes it's hard to find some space:(
                                               ...the best is when your brother loves you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bowie is a butthead!

                                                        Bowie & I are best friends
We hang out on our magic carpets

                        Does your sister ever bug you so much you want to butt her? Mine does!

My life as a goat

I got a bug on my butt, no, it's Spiderman!

Sometimes, I'm scared of the dark:0

I can't hear you, are you still there?

...and Sometimes I get into things I'm not suppose to like the purple paint dad painted my barn with:)
                                                       Now I can be a punkrocker too!