Friday, October 26, 2012

The Kidds are Alright!

Unexpected, Huge & Backwards:
Orion Austin Ray!
Ta da...Lucky 3!
Mama Bowie & kidds are Alright!
It was a long night, but Team Goat did it again!

It's Happening! 10-15-12

First Born: Felix Arcturus Ray

Tiny Cassiopea Pearl Ray

Can You Believe This! More kidds to share my hay with!
Bowie, you stop that!
But wait...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kidd Watch!

Everyone is waiting...

Goat Daddy Darth is pacing...

...for Mama Bowie to give birth to the new kidds in the barn at Pixie's Place!

Play Time

See, Eye told U Gaia is...


I'm just a girl; little ole me

The Playhouse is ready!

Me & Mom are hanging out at the new playhouse!
Our Granpa John Bartolotto sponsered our new play area...

Thank You Papa John! xoxo

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sage is a Mama's Boy

I'm mom's favorite!
My sister Gaia is a butthead!

Sage, we're ALL moms favorites!

Upon the Roof

                                           Chilllin with my homie!

                                          Come on in I won't butt or bite

                                       He won't butt YOU butt he butts me!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Earth Day Kids!

                 Doeling: Gaia Amertrine Ray & Buckling: Sage Lyrid Ray
                                    Born on Earth Day: April 22, 2012

                                         Mama Bowie with newborn Gaia

                                         Sage with his Mama nose best!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Boys Stink!

                                            Darth is a buck and he smells like a boy!

                                        He is my boyfriend NOT Bowie's!
                                                      I love him more xo

                                                ...but he is looking for Bowie....

                                          Look out Bowie, you know what that means???

Darth Cloudwalker~Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buck for Sire Hire!


                                              I'm Six Shooters Darth; I'm a Buck!
                                   Originally from Briar Hill and then God's Grace Ranch;
                                    My momma/dam is Steele Ballew Crystal Cowgirl;
                                       My dad/sire is Shooting Star Dom Perignon
                                        ...but now I'm called ~Darth Cloudwalker~
                                                  Buck Stud at your service!

I'm an unregistered Nigerian Dwarf of pedigree lines but will date any breed:)
                          You can check out my kidds Gaia & Sage on the blog.
      Their mom Bowie will be kidding in early Oct. 2012 and her kidds will be available:
              late Nov. 2012; Deposits are being taken for them now.
                     Contact: for more info & breeding fees

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Room for one more?

                               Whaaaaat did you say???
                                      Bowie's Boyfriend is coming to live with us????

                        You mean there's going to be a BOY/BUCK here?

                                      Look, there he is now....

We are Family

                                        Even if you have to share your bed...

                                           ...or have to squeeze together to watch a movie,

                                        Our blended family is as colorful...

                     it is a safe place for a creature
                                                               to find the comforts of home!

The Importance of Birds!

                                                 Blue Jay is Billie's best friend.
                                           (He also lets mom know when me & Bowie
                                                             escape our pen.)

                                                They like to hang out together:)

                                                Jack is an avid birdwatcher...
                                                and lizard watcher; and mouse watcher;
                                                and fly watcher, bug watcher, cat watcher...

Billie is not a goat~

                                                       Billie has a heart of gold....

                                                        ...but he likes to get into trouble!


Naps Rule!!!

                                           Jackie Chan enjoys a little catnip with his nap:)

                                              Sometimes it's hard to find some space:(
                                               ...the best is when your brother loves you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bowie is a butthead!

                                                        Bowie & I are best friends
We hang out on our magic carpets

                        Does your sister ever bug you so much you want to butt her? Mine does!

My life as a goat

I got a bug on my butt, no, it's Spiderman!

Sometimes, I'm scared of the dark:0

I can't hear you, are you still there?

...and Sometimes I get into things I'm not suppose to like the purple paint dad painted my barn with:)
                                                       Now I can be a punkrocker too!