Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Animal Actors!

Appearing in the music driven, experimental film from:
 OrangeRay Creative Labs

This is not dying

Is a shamanic journey of the ego mind.

Hermes Inyo Ray

White Rabbit: John Lennon
(Rescued and Disabled)


and Darth Cloudwalker Ray

...are 3 of our Animal Actors, who appear in our film.
So as of today, we are 12 days out from our shoot date for our experimental film project.
We're still down several hundred $ which if not raised, will be food from our rescues; we don't need to eat, but our rescues, rehabs, and ptsd victims do. My husband and I don't buy gifts, or celebrate holidays; we don't go on vacations, or go out to dinner, lunch, or breakfast because that money goes to the animals...everything we do is for the animals.
The healing work I do for others is rarely compensated for but when it is, the money goes to the animals. If I sell any jewelry that I make, it goes to the animals.

Service to Humanity is what we've based our life on.
So on this Giving Tuesday, if you have a little to give towards helping with the experimental film project, you are really giving to our rescues!
Thank you xo shaman/Rev. Wendi

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