Saturday, December 7, 2019

Our new family members: Reese and Lilyan Ray!

Reesen Ray

Reese was a feral at the barn where Hermes use to board.
I spent a year building a friendship with him.
When they leased the property out, the new people told me they were going to poison him because they wanted him off the property.
I had 1 month to catch him.

Eventually, I was able to bring him back to Pixie's Place, where he is now our family member xo

Lilyana Ray

Lilyan came to us from Kinder4 Rescue in L.A.
She was abandoned when she needed an eye removed.
Kinder rescue did the surgery at their clinic in NoHo.
We were happy to welcome her to our family!

Since her arrival, Lily has taken over the living room.

So we got her a play station for her play :)

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